7 super famous celebrities who graduated from online courses


While some learners prefer to be in a physical classroom, distance learning has many advantages. Whether you’re looking for more flexibility, more course options, or just want to learn from the comfort of your own home, take online courses are a great alternative to in-person school.

The long-standing stigma against graduating from an online school has started to fade as more people seek options where they can get an education, without having to adjust their schedules. of work and family. Celebrities are particularly drawn to online courses because it allows them to fit into an education around busy work schedules and without having to manage their celebrity status on a crowded campus. Here are 7 celebrities who earned degrees through online courses:

  1. Shaquille O’Neal – Shaq is one of the nation’s most famous NBA players, having branched out from basketball to acting, sponsorships and restaurant ownership. In order to pursue his dream of playing for the NBA, he dropped out of Louisiana State University. After promising his mother that he would finish school, he obtained his bachelor’s degree through LSU’s distance education program. In 2005, he received an MBA from the University of Phoenix, after completing all of his courses online. Seven years later, he added a doctorate in education to his resume. The vast majority of her class hours for this degree were spent online. Imagine that Shaq did his tests online!

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Shaq has long professed that he never wanted basketball to be his end of the game. He always intended to get a “real job” (in his words) when his basketball career was over. O’Neal fans have seen him grow into a businessman and commentator, leveraging his degrees online.

  1. Swizz Beatz – It may seem counterintuitive that Swizz Beatz, one of the most successful and well-known producers in the world, feels the urge to graduate. But this Harvard alumnus felt this exact need. In 2017, Swizz Beatz joined the Owner / President Management program at Harvard Business School. This program is almost entirely online and designed specifically for CEOs and COOs who want to grow professionally but don’t have the time or need to complete a full MBA program.

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Swizz has long been a proponent of education, especially among black youth. He has worked with many schools to develop scholarships and residencies for music producers, to promote hip-hop education.

  1. James Franco – Like Shaq, Franco dropped out of college to pursue his dream. Between the mid to late 2000s, James Franco was busy writing, directing and acting in dozens of films. As busy as he was, it would have been impossible to go back to traditional school to graduate. Instead, he opted for UCLA’s extension program, which includes online classes, evening classes, and weekend classes. Through this program, he completed his baccalaureate.

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He then moved on to Columbia’s Writing Program, then to NYU for film, the other two fiction writing degrees, before earning a doctorate in English from Yale and another in Creative Writing from the University of Houston. Franco even lent his talents to teaching online courses. He has taught at UCLA and USC, specifically citing a desire to provide creative writing and filmmaking classes to people who couldn’t afford to come to campus.

  1. Marcia Cross – If you’re a fan of Desperate Housewives, Melrose Place, or Seinfeld, you’ll recognize this redhead. From 1997 to 2003, while working at Seinfeld, Melrose Place, and Spin City, she was also working on a Masters in Psychology from Antioch University. This would not have been possible without Antioch’s strong online program. Although she starred in Desperate Housewives and didn’t become a professional psychologist, Cross is a perfect example of how an online degree can benefit someone with a busy schedule.

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  1. Hilary Duff – Before Harvard had any real online resources, they had an online extension program. This turned out to be the best option for Hilary Duff, who in 2005 wanted to continue her education even though she was busy working on Lizzie McGuire for Disney Channel, as well as several other Disney properties. At the time, she faced quite a bit of backlash from her Harvard classmates, as she was technically attending Harvard, but not actually on campus. Decades favored Duff, however, as Harvard now sponsors many online courses and extension programs.

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  1. Steven Spielberg – Perhaps one of the most beloved and well-known modern directors, Spielberg is unlikely to have found the time to complete his film production degree in person. When he dropped out in 1968 to start moving, he probably never intended to complete that degree. In 2002, however, he eventually graduated from California Statute University with a BA in Film Production and Electronic Arts. It was in the middle of filming for Saving Private Ryan, AI and Minority Report.

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The DreamWorks co-founder was allowed to submit Schindler’s list instead of an actual wrap-up project in order to complete his degree.

  1. Venus Williams – This international tennis star enrolled in a business administration program at Indiana University-East to better support her merchandising and apparel design businesses. While the school was careful to protect her identity during online classes, Williams was actually revealed to be a participant in the school’s online program. Studying online allowed Williams to maintain her security and privacy, without having to hide that she was getting an education.

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The challenges of traditional in-person schooling that make it difficult for celebrities make it difficult for most learners, famous or not. Actors and athletes are not the only ones with busy lives, but they also want to study. Take online courses and take online tests to earn online degrees in just about any discipline and in a format that would suit almost any learner. Whatever degree you want, consider the benefits of an online program!

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