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George Clooney’s wife thinks he is an “excellent” teacher for their children – but only for pranks.

The manager of “Tender Bar” is known for his love of gags and has passed on his sense of humor to Ella and Alexander, four, during the lockdown over the past year and hopes his tips will pay off for the kids. as they grow old.

George’s wife, Amal, praised him as an “excellent” teacher to the children, but asked him what he was teaching them. She joked, “He mainly teaches pranks right now. But we’ll see if that develops.

George added: “Well I think that can really pay off over time.”

The couple insisted having to spend more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic was “good” for their family, in large part because the twins are so young.

George explained to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, “It was good. You feel so bad for the world and stuff, you know? But our kids are four and they were two and a half when it started, so you know, they weren’t missing much in the world.

“So, you know, I didn’t have to teach them trigonometry at home.”

Although the work gets more and more busy for the 60-year-old actor and director and his lawyer wife, they can still “handle” the demands of their families.

Amal said: “It’s probably like in a lot of families where both parents are working. I’m lucky because I have a partner who supports me very well. And we move around a lot, but we succeed, and I feel very lucky. “

George had previously joked that his job as a parent was to teach his children “terrible things”.

He said: “All my job is really to teach them terrible things. And I really love teaching my kids to do things that shock their moms. “And it’s fun because, you know, Amal, she will be speaking to a judge at a trial in Sudan or a trial in Myanmar… she has very serious conversations and my son will come in with a diaper on his head.” . . It’s a stroke of genius, you know.

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