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BALTIMORE (WJZ) – This has been one of the biggest impacts of the pandemic, with students struggling in school because of online learning. In Baltimore City, public school leaders have a plan to help students who have fallen behind get back on track.

Baltimore City said its plan to help students includes personalized learning plans that examine the academic performance of each of their 77,800 students.

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“We’ll look at literacy, we’ll look at math, maybe we can look at some of our other core content areas in high school to really build a picture of students so we know where their strengths are and where they are. the gaps that we need to develop, ”said Joan Dabrowski, director of studies for Baltimore City Public Schools.

The district said the broad plan also seeks to gather details from students and their families about the students’ personal needs. School officials also said there will also be more tutoring options and each school will now have a tutoring partner.

According to a report from state education officials earlier this year, failure rates at most public schools in Maryland have doubled or tripled in their second semester.

“I think it’s tough and it’s been a really tough process for parents everywhere,” said Sydnee Distance, who has two kids at Baltimore City Public Schools.

Distance said it was a challenge to juggle work while her kids were learning online, but her son and daughter did well while learning online.

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“I didn’t really worry about the learning loss because whatever I feel they don’t get I complete at home,” says Distance.

Baltimore City Council members received a presentation on the school system plan to help lagging students.

WJZ reporter Ava-joye Burnett asked City Councilor John Bullock, “Are you happy with the action plan they’ve come up with?

“One of the things I was happy with is when they don’t necessarily mention remediation but acceleration, trying to get our young people to acquire the skills and the ability to be at school level.” said City Councilor Bullock. “We’ll see. I’m confident at this point in terms of the answers, but we have to keep our eyes on the ball.”

There was a public hearing segment during the virtual meeting where two public speakers expressed their displeasure with the CEOs of the schools, Dr Sonja Santelises. One person was concerned that a sufficient number of virtual learning options would be available.

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While acknowledging that the district still has work to do, Distance commended the leaders for their plans to help struggling students. “I’m happy that they have recognized that this is a problem and are trying to make changes where they can fix the problem and help these kids,” Distance said.

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