Edtech Schrole’s online recruiting events platform proves a winner


Schrole’s new SaaS offering, Schrole Events, recorded its first revenues and a full pipeline of 14 events through April 2021, as schools around the world seek a more efficient way to recruit staff.

Growing edtech specialist, Schrole Group (ASX: SCL) reported that its first online recruiting event, using its latest SaaS product offering Schrole Events, has been very successful, with attendance numbers exceeding expectations, excellent customer feedback and additional revenue.

More than 1,700 attendees registered for the two-day online recruiting event in late October targeting the Southeast Asian market, with applicants and schools needing to upgrade their subscriptions to attend.

Schrole Events extends the company’s flagship SaaS product suite called “Schrole HR” (Human Resources). It now includes five SaaS human resources offerings, including Schrole Connect and Events, Verify, Engage (forthcoming Q1 2022), Cover and Develop.

Events enables the Schrole team to create regionalised four hour online recruiting events for different geographies and client requirements.

Events are designed to reduce the time and effort it takes for schools to fill their vacancies, by providing access to a large pool of qualified and experienced applicants, with whom they can search, screen and communicate directly.

Schrole marketed the events as follows: “Schools spend less time selecting applicants and more time making meaningful connections through live chat, interview scheduling, and in-app video interviews. “

Schrole events are aimed at applicants who wish to work in a specific region. Schrole targets a large number of relevant and motivated candidates at every event, through extensive marketing campaigns before every event.

Upgrade from Schrole Connect

To participate in Schrole events, schools and applicants must be subscribed to the annual premium level.

Applicants must upgrade from free Schrole Connect to Premium for US $ 75. Schools must switch from Schrole Connect to Schrole ConnectMore, the highest subscription level with base charges starting at $ 9,000.

Schrole has a network of 400 schools and 140,000 teachers around the world. Over 260 schools, approximately 60% of its Connect school customers, are ConnectMore the subscribers. There are 160 schools on Connect subscriptions that are targeted for upgrades to enable them to attend Schrole events.

Applicant subscriptions increased during the month of October with an upgrade of 1,230 to premium and $ 92,000 received. Events are now the main drivers of job vacancies and applications, making Schrole’s flagship Connect product more effective in sending teachers to schools.

While being an upsell to ConnectMore, Schrole Events also offers an opportunity to cross-sell with other Schrole HR SaaS products, such as Schrole Develop and Schrole Verify.

More events to coincide with the school’s hiring season

Schrole has approximately 14 events scheduled through April 2022 around the world, including East Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, as well as events for schools at the looking for staff focused on the International Baccalaureate program.

The company has reported strong advance registration for the events. It will host its next event on November 26, 2021, covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with already 800 candidate registrations.

Schrole is on a growth path. The company reported strong performance across a range of value factors for the third quarter of FY21, including encouraging 28% growth in September quarter cash inflows to $ 1.18 million. The company has also expanded its direct sales team.

Schrole Managing Director Rob Graham said the positive support for Schrole Events was particularly encouraging.

“Based on our early Schrole events, I would expect increased interest to translate into improved subscriptions and growth of new customers,” Graham said.

“We expect Schrole Events to further connect our Schrole community networks, enabling greater recruiting activity and deeper engagement with our Schrole HR SaaS platform. “

He said the company is on track to release the latest module of its HR SaaS Schrole Engage, which will deepen customer engagement throughout the calendar year.

“I am proud of the efforts our software development, sales and account management teams have put into providing the best solution on the market for international schools. “

This article was developed in conjunction with Schrole Group, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publication.

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