Find Where You Fit Online Fitness Guide Helps Columbus Residents Navigate the Fitness World


Since 2018, Find Where You Fit has made it their mission to connect the Columbus community to the best fitness opportunities so that everyone can feel they belong. Credit: Courtesy of Lindsay Goodman

Navigating the world of fitness and figuring out where to start can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Find your place is an online fitness guide that connects the Columbus community with fitness opportunities in the city, said Lindsay Goodman, owner of the platform. Per month online guides and information on fitness related events around Columbus, Goodman said she aims to present fitness opportunities for community members to try out until they feel they are where they belong. .

“Columbus has the richest and most diverse fitness selection,” said Goodman. “I kind of took it on a mission to start hanging out in the community, trying as many things as possible and telling stories, hoping people can connect where they think they can be successful. ”

On the first of every month, Find Where You Fit publishes an online guide to upcoming fitness events in the Columbus area, Goodman said. The site highlights recurring fitness classes, one-off events, and Find Where You Fit exclusives, which include dance battles, pride biking, and pumpkin training.

Goodman said she founded Find Where You Fit in 2018 and runs about one event a month to motivate the local fitness community and constantly try something new.

“I really believe everyone deserves to find a place where they can be active and feel both empowered and comfortable in this space,” Goodman said.

Charles Gibson, inspirational speaker and freelance fitness instructor through Charles Gibson Fitness, will host this month’s Find Where You Fit event, “Fall Farm Fitness”, at 9 am Saturday. Gibson said he has been teaching fitness classes for over two decades, including many training methods such as spinning, kickboxing, yoga, and TRX, a specialized form of suspension training.

“We’re going to use a pumpkin for weight and resistance, and hopefully people challenge themselves and do something that they’ve never done before,” Gibson said. “You’re going to be surrounded by positive, like-minded people looking to do something for themselves and for others. ”

GoDthe man said the event will be held at Harrison Farms in Groveport, Ohio, and Find Where You Fit will donate a portion of the proceeds to Flying Horse Farms Charity, which offers camp experiences for children with serious illnesses. Tickets for the event can be purchased through Eventbrite.

“My mission is to inspire hope and change in people through fitness,” Gibson said. “It is important that we invest in our health.

Goodman said it can be intimidating to get into fitness when there is so much to try. However, she said she aimed to guide people on their journey to a healthier lifestyle by making the process less intimidating.

“My goal is to make everything safe, accessible and fun,” Goodman said. “The number one goal beyond all of this is to make everyone feel welcome and included in everything we do.”

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