HelloPrenup Teams Up With Kevin O’Leary And Nirav Tolia After Appearing As A Company Featured In ABC’s “Shark Tank”

BOSTON, November 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – HelloPrenup, a new online platform designed to help couples collaborate on creating their own prenuptial agreements, today announced that it has partnered with Kevin o’leary and Nirav Tolia to grow the business after appearing on ABCs Shark Tank activated Friday 12 November.

HelloPrenup is a women-owned legal technology services company that was co-founded earlier this year by the President and CEO Julia Rodgers, Esq., a Massachusetts divorce lawyer and chief technology officer Sarabeth Jaffé, a software engineer based at Seattle. Together, these women entrepreneurs reframe the narrative about prenuptial agreements by educating couples on why a prenuptial agreement is an asset to any marriage. From videos to articles, the companyS website currently offers the most free information available online about marriage contracts in addition to its marriage contract creation services.

HelloPrenup agreed to work with O’Leary and Tolia after appearing as a featured company on Shark Tank, the critically acclaimed and multiple Emmy® Award-winning entrepreneurial-themed reality show on ABC. O’Leary, who appears regularly on the show as one of “Sharks,” heads the O’Leary Financial Group, a group of companies that includes the O’Shares ETFs, O’Leary Publishing and an ever-growing list. other companies. He is also the founder and head sommelier of Fine wines O’Leary, an award-winning wine label, as well as a member of from Boston Hamilton Trust, 107 years old. Tolia, a “Shark” guest on the 12 novembere episode, has spent the past 20 years building and leading pioneering consumer Internet businesses. Most recently, he was CEO and co-founder of Nextdoor, the world’s largest local social network.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Kevin and Nirav as we focus on expanding HelloPrenup beyond the 18 states we currently serve, and on refining and upgrading scale of our online platform, ”said Rodgers. We founded HelloPrenup after seeing how engaged couples wanted to work together, collaboratively, throughout the marriage contract process instead of hiring separate lawyers to draft their agreement, only to then spend thousands of dollars on negotiations. We’re excited to be able to give couples the chance to collaborate, at an affordable price. “

As a practicing family lawyer, Rodgers saw first-hand the reluctance of couples to consider investing time and money in the traditional process of creating prenuptial agreements. Co-founder Jaffe understood this personally, as she considered hiring a lawyer for a prenuptial agreement soon after getting engaged. Women joined forces and launched HelloPrenup in June 2021 after running for a year in beta. Since its launch, HelloPrenupThe online site has seen a steady growth in the number of users, who are able to create legally binding agreements in 18 states, including California, Massachusetts, new York and Florida, among others. Couples always have the option of hiring a lawyer to advise or represent them.

A video from HelloPrenupHis appearance on Shark Tank can be viewed here.

About HelloPrenup
HelloPrenup is the premier online platform for engaged couples to create affordable, fast, and comprehensive prenuptial agreements. Our goal is to set up every marriage to be successful by promoting communication and financial transparency. For more information, visit www.helloprenup.com.

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