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The local high school theater group comes out of their socially remote rabbit hole this month with an in-person production of “Alice in Wonderland.”

Infinite Theater Group, made up of students from Liberty Ranch and Galt High Schools, has adapted to the coronavirus pandemic with shows on Zoom and recorded performances, but they invite audiences to come back and watch them live, from the next week in the Galt High auditorium.

“It feels good” to return to the shows in person, said Sonja Brown, drama teacher at Galt High, during a rehearsal on Nov. 5. Although the students are masked, they will wear a design that will let their voices shine through.

As the rest of the world goes upside down, Brown was hoping to deliver a rendition of Wonderland that will be familiar to those who saw the 1951 Disney movie.

“We actually try to stay as traditional as possible with the expectations of members of the public,” she said.

After so long in remote performances, Brown said she spent time retraining students to perform in person.

The production’s director Katlyn Trigo entered the theater last year, while she was still online. She said that sometimes it meant that the things she was learning were more theoretical. Now, helping to organize a play in person, the 17-year-old said what helps her the most is her connection to the cast and Brown’s directing ability. Trigo has anticipated stage management again in the future.

“Honestly, I really love the theater because when you’re a stage manager you can do a little bit of everything because you’re helping everyone – costumes, props,” Trigo said. “And the crew and the cast are very nice.”

Aliyah Ordaz, one of the two actors playing Alice, said she has long wanted to play the part.

“Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be Alice, like, ever since I was a little kid, so when I found out we were playing this piece, I was super excited and trained really hard,” Ordaz said. .

As Alice travels through the strange land at the other end of the Rabbit Hole, the girl shows that she is “smart and stands up for what she believes in,” Ordaz said, highlighting the moment Alice stands up to her. the Queen.

“It’s funny because no one else in Wonderland is brave enough to do this,” Ordaz said, “and she just arrived, this new person in town, and she said,“ You know what, I’m gonna change things here. ‘”

Ordaz said audiences would enjoy the costumes in the play and the “chaotic” scenes of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

“I just hope they understand the jokes we’re telling because that would be really funny,” Ordaz added. “I love hearing the audience laugh back or laugh with us.”

“Alice in Wonderland” will take place November 18-20 at 7:00 p.m. at the Galt High School Auditorium, located at 145 North Lincoln Way. Participants are asked to “pay what you can” for the tickets, which are valued at $ 10. For more information, call (209) 745-3081.

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