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MOORESVILLE, Indiana (WISH) – A simple “thank you” has such a strong power it can bring tears to your eyes.

In fact, that is exactly what he did for teachers, bus drivers and caretakers in the Mooresville School District.

The project was started to show appreciation to teachers and staff, allowing students and parents to go online and write acknowledgments to individuals or sometimes even an entire department.

Each has been printed and given to that employee.

Later, someone came up with the idea of ​​recording the reactions while people were reading notes for the first time. They made a few people cry and have a seven minute video that was shared throughout the community.

Assistant manager Nikki Moore was one of them. “At first it took my breath away. We’re not doing this for praise, ”Moore said. “We do this because we know children can be successful. “

It’s success that takes everyone, which is why even cafeteria workers like Lynn Elder haven’t been forgotten.

Even a month later, it’s an act that still brings tears to his eyes.

That’s why Elder knows exactly where his grades are.

“They are in my office where they will be forever,” Elder said.

In total, over a thousand acknowledgments were distributed to Mooresville staff, including every school building and every department.

“It just shows the kind of people we work with, who we live with and look forward to working with in the future,” said Superintendent Randy Taylor.

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