Outlook Internet Calendar subscribers, bad news: Reports show subscription feature’s best days are over


If you’re a big fan of Outlook’s online external calendar subscription feature that lets you effortlessly stay in sync with someone else’s calendar, bad news: Now you’ll have to settle for the calendar import, because the best days of the subscription are over.

This development emerged following several posts from the Microsoft community that calendar subscriptions were no longer working as expected, which was spotted by Dirk Hoffmann (via WinFuture). Through the messages, we managed to get real confirmation from a Microsoft agent. It goes as follows: “It has been confirmed that the calendar can no longer be subscribed. At this point, we recommend that you import the calendar as follows instead. “

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The Microsoft agent then explained how to import a calendar, which as one might imagine is not what affected forum users are concerned about.

The Microsoft forums in English are reporting the same situation, noting that Microsoft appears to have given the subscription feature the deprecation treatment.

There is no statement as to why this is happening, and apart from confirmation from a Microsoft agent, there is no official blog post or news report that it is. is happens in the first place, although numerous user reports highlight this fact in the meantime. It remains to be seen whether the situation is a big misunderstanding or something so special that results in the correct reimplementation of the feature, but based on the information currently available, it looks like Outlook calendar subscribers are out of luck.

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