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Platforms – of the online type – were among the notable repositories last week for companies looking to go public. To this end, the purchase segment of the IPO / SPAC Tracker for registrations expected since the start of the year stands at 15. Banking services, a segment that has grown in size throughout. year, amounts to 48.

Digging a little deeper into listing activity, online fashion platform aka Brands Holding filed for a $ 100 million IPO. In documents filed with the SEC, the company said that by 2020 it had increased its active customer base by 69% to 2.3 million. Orders were up 53%, with an average order value up 14% from 2019. The sales return rate was low at 11%, the company said on the file. Sales increased 111% in 2020 from 2019 levels, reaching $ 216 million. About 36% of the revenue was generated in the United States and 52% in Australia.

In other announcements, Direct Selling Acquisition, billed a PSPC focused on direct-to-consumer businesses, filed with the SEC last week to raise up to $ 200 million. In its own flyer, the blank check company said, “We believe direct selling is one of the most effective ways to distribute demonstrable, samplable and consumable products in the market today. Well-run companies in the industry are exceptionally profitable and have the ability to evolve and grow rapidly through the implementation of certain strategies, initiatives, technologies and methods. Online tools and platforms, Direct Selling said, have “blurred the lines between sales and direct-to-consumer sales.”

Direct sales, carried out globally

And in a snapshot of markets that may be under consideration, File S-1 notes that “the United States is the largest direct selling market in the world, with a market share of around 20%. However, there are also significant opportunities around the world, with more than 24 countries representing direct sales markets of over $ 1 billion, ”which include China, South Korea and Germany as the next biggest. markets after the United States.

With evidence of the international reach of IPO activity, as PYMNTS noted in recent days, in India, supply chain services startup Delhivery is preparing an offer that could be worth as much as $ 1. billion dollars – where the shares will trade as early as March 2022, on the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange, or both. The company said it has fulfilled more than a billion orders from more than 525 million homes in the country.

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Elsewhere, Nubank, a Brazil-based FinTech with more than 40 million customers in Latin America that seeks business in constituencies ignored by traditional banks, is seeking an IPO that could be worth more than $ 55 billion.

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