Reopening of the school without an online option on an anvil

Prepare the parents! The schools are all set to open at full capacity with no options for online classes soon.
According to the latest government and education ministry statements, there is a chance that schools will soon reopen without online classes in the coming weeks.
In Madhya Pradesh, parents in class 1 to class 5 have to mentally prepare to send their children to school.
A proposal to open the school to full capacity was sent to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The Minister of School Education, Inder Singh Parmar, is also in favor of opening schools at full capacity.
In the proposal, it was recommended to open all schools soon, but due to the three main points, orders could not be issued on Sunday.
Following the proposal, the government is discussing whether there will be an obligation to obtain parental permission or not. Second, will sports activities be allowed in schools or not.
Finally, the question arises as to whether schools will organize prayers / assemblies or not in schools.
According to officials from the Department of School Education, orders may be issued regarding the opening of schools during this very week.

Some schools have also published a new calendar

Indore has around 200 schools affiliated with the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE). Some schools are already operating from Class 1 to Class 12 as per government guideline, while some schools have posted offline and online class schedules for three days for each class type.
Some schools in Bhopal published the offline and online course schedule for all classes on Saturday. Some parents claimed that the same was done by some schools in Indore.
Most schools have specified that the exam will now be offline only. This has become a firm statement for the upper classes as the CBSE Quarter 1 exams are taken offline.
2,406 schools in Indore
There are a total of 2,406 schools in the district. Of which 139 are affiliated to the CBSE, 17 to the CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations) and 2250 are affiliated to the MP Board. This includes approximately 1,120 public schools.
Most of the schools affiliated with the CISCE and CBSE councils are ready to slow down the process of opening schools to full capacity; compared to private schools affiliated with the MP board.

MP Board Schools Need Offline Courses Soon

“In the case of the CBSE and CISCE affiliated schools, most of the students come from well-off families, so online courses can be delivered easily,” said Gopal Soni, vice-president of the association of MP board private schools.
He added that education is essential for all classes, even primary. “Many children in primary grades cannot attend online classes properly, so it is inconvenient for their future,” Soni said.
Currently, kindergarten classes do not take place and only classes from 1st to 12th are organized.
In this too, only 50% of the capacity and parental permission is required.

Offline courses help in other developments than academics

“Students learn best in the classroom offline, for sure,” said UK Jha, president of the Indore Sahodaya Complex of CBSE Schools. He noted that students had lost their basic mannerism and social skills in online classes.
“We started to open schools slowly, even after directives, but now 50% of students come to school and more want to come,” Jha said.

Most of the students are enthusiastic and hopeful

Most of the students are happy, hopeful and cheerful as school life can be normal. “I miss going to school, meeting my friends and eating together at the mess,” said Grade 2 Aarna Jaiswal. She attends classes offline every other day, but misses sitting down with her best friend.
“We go to school classes, so why not go to school and learn,” Grade 7 Jiya Saharsbuddhe asked. She felt that the vaccination would have been a better idea in the first place.

Concerned parents

Most parents of elementary school students fear sending their children to school now. “It’s already the end of November, so I don’t see why it’s a must for my 6 year old to go to school to attend classes in this academic session,” Kanisha said. Sharma, a mother.
A parent and social activist, Sanjay Mishra, wrote a letter to the state government and the school education department. Along with the demand for vaccination before the start of the booming schools, he demanded: “The results of the first phase and the second phase of the serological survey carried out by the government should be made public and other measures should not be taken. should be taken only after taking an opinion on the results of the survey from the experts.

First phase: The 11th and 12th grade classes started two days a week with a capacity of 50%. Apart from that, the 9th and 10th classes were held on the same day in a week. Students were given the option to use both online and offline.
Phase II: extended course days from 9 to 12.
Third phase: From September 1, all classes from 6 to 12 took place every day (except Sunday). The limit was kept at only 50%.

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Posted on: Monday November 22, 2021 12:54 AM IST

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