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Jaipur: School authorities’ pending request for RTE money has been debunked by government officials saying many schools have not submitted any evidence that they have provided online lessons to students amid the pandemic.
The state government had asked schools to provide information on how they gave online classes to students and student phone numbers for verification. There are around 28,000 private schools in Rajasthan, 30% of which submitted false information with false numbers and many schools have a common number of students.
An education official said on condition of anonymity: “There are reports that many schools have given false details. Some gave false names or the same number for the whole class or the same number for the whole school. We have marked them in red and will decide what needs to be done. ”
During a pandemic, it has been difficult for lower middle class students to attend online classes and for schools to have enough infrastructure to run online classes. Therefore, for these schools, the government is not prepared to pay anything.
Anil Sharma, President of the Shiksha Pariwar School, said, “We do not require it for schools that have not offered any online courses. The government has already identified such schools and we want to exclude these schools but clarify the amount for others. It is an injustice to include everyone under one umbrella.
The government has assured to settle the payment by September 15 of this year.


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