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Nashik: Some private English-speaking schools in the city have confirmed their intention to run online and offline classes simultaneously on or after October 4. The state government has authorized the start of physical classes for students in grades VIII to XII in urban areas.
According to school representatives, while teachers physically conduct lessons, arrangements have also been made to ensure that pupils, who are not physically present, can attend online.
“Ours is a Wi-Fi campus and we run physical and online classes for our students so that they can opt in whichever mode they choose with equal attention given to everyone,” said Pushpy Dutt, Principal from Delhi Public School (DPS), Nashik.
Schools also ensure a safe environment for students with vaccinated staff, behavior and standards suitable for Covid being implemented in detail.
“We will start school from October 11. We are ready with the standard operating procedure (SOP) established by the state government, but we do not want parents and students – worried about the situation – to be mentally charged, ”Nilufer said. Chavan, Principal Director of Cambridge Curriculum of Wisdom High International School.
Staff in most schools are fully immunized and parental consent would be required for every child entering school premises.
Educational institutions have also ensured that students attending home lessons will provide all the necessary assistance.
“If the child is not doing well or does not want to go to school, the parents should not force them. Let them take their time. All help will be provided online, ”said Ratan Luth, President of Fravashi Academy and Fravashi International Academy.
When it comes to exams, some schools like DPS have organized proctored exams and offer safe exams in school.
There are also other schools that have called students to the campus every other day.
“We called the students every alternate day, ensuring a maximum attendance of 20 – one on each bench. Lessons taught to one group of students would be repeated by the faculty for the next group of students the next day, ”said Sanjay Katale, principal of St Xavier’s School, Nashik Road.
In these schools, four to five 30-minute lectures will be given from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The children will be able to feed themselves but under the observation of the teachers. Children will be allowed to go to the toilets in staggered rows.

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