Tips for teachers on choosing quality child care


(Family Characteristics) As families across the country prepare for back to school, many are also preparing to return to work in person, which means finding the right program to support their children’s continued learning and development. According to “The current state of scientific knowledge on the effects of preschool” report, choosing a quality preschool helps children start elementary school prepared for success.

Knowing what to look for when choosing the right child care provider for your family can be stressful. However, these insights from KinderCare teachers with over 40 years of classroom experience and Teacher of the Year winners can help lift some of the mystery.

Make a list of what matters most

Before you begin your search, take some time to think about the specific wants and needs of your family and children, whether it’s kindergarten readiness, social and emotional development, or a convenient location. Write down the things that matter most to your family and refer to this list when speaking with potential suppliers and asking questions.

Put yourself in your child’s shoes
As you look around the classroom, be sure to look for child-sized furniture and age-appropriate books and toys within reach of children. It can help inspire their natural curiosity, encourage their independence, and build their self-confidence. It is also important to know how the play is integrated, how it is facilitated and to see useful play opportunities in each class.

“There should be areas landscaped with upgrades that incorporate toys, blocks, art supplies and dramatic play,” said Sara Fouriner, KinderCare Teacher of the Year. “Teachers should share how they promote social and emotional skills, executive function, problem solving, language and regulatory skills in children by offering clear examples and highlighting evidence of learning. “

Ensure that safety and quality are priorities

Health and safety took center stage in 2020 and remain top priorities for many families. Ask questions about each potential supplier safety rules and practices in addition to their curriculum. It may also be helpful to ask if their programs are accredited by a third party body, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Accreditation means that the centre’s program is subject to high standards and exceeds basic requirements set by state licenses.

“As a mother, grandmother and teacher, I think families should look for a clean and accreditedSaid Dorothy Ellison, an early childhood educator for 40 years. “Families should also learn about child-teacher ratios, staff training and hiring practices, supervision, emergency preparedness, disease policies, communication and the quality of caregivers in each program. . “

Look for teachers who love what they do

Great teachers have a natural ability to connect with every child in their care. If children love their teachers and school is a safe and happy place for them, there is usually little limit to what they can learn.

“High quality education begins with open and caring teachers who understand the expectations of the age group they represent,” said Dana Davin, Kindergarten Teacher of the Year and Center Director. “A genuine welcome when children arrive, a clean and engaging classroom and a culture of inclusion all come from great teachers who believe in what they do. “

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