Triple “C” High School Moves Online After Multiple COVID Cases


Following the confirmation by the HSA of several positive cases of COVID-19 at the Triple “C” school, requiring the quarantine of a number of teachers and students for at least 14 days, the administration of the school made the decision yesterday to switch to online education for high school (grades 6 to 12) while families of primary school students were also given the option to switch online.

According to the tests that took place this weekend, there are at least 3 positive cases in elementary school (kindergarten, 3rd and 4th grade). In high school, the initial case that was found on Friday October 1 was in grade 9, after which 4 more positive cases were found in that year between Friday and Sunday. There is a positive case in 8th grade and another in 11th grade. There are at least 2 positive teachers, both in high school.

All positive cases presented with mild or no symptoms.

Family testing and whole class testing are ongoing, and students and families have the option of testing at the doctor’s school or hospital.

Parents reported that the school does a great job, not only communicating with parents and students, but providing support. Emotional support was offered and an option was provided for book delivery and online technical support. Whatsapp support groups have been created by the Parents’ Association.

An overwhelming degree of confidence was expressed in the institution and its director, Mr Robert Lankford, in handling the epidemic.

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